Should White Zinfandel Be Chilled? How to Properly Serve & Store

According to Madeline Puckette, White Zinfandel opens the door for wine consumers. It is the first wine that many people are exposed to. White Zinfandel forms the benchmark for our palates to progress to other grapes and wine styles, and it is a behemoth in the marketplace. Serving temperature can make a huge difference to … Read more

Should Merlot Be Served Chilled? How to Properly Serve & Store

Wine is a living product, which means it has a lifespan. You’ll want to consume most wines within three years of their release. However, the highest quality wines can live for twenty to thirty years. I tasted a Madeira that was produced in 1802, and it tasted young. Curious how to serve and store Merlot … Read more

What are the Least Bitter Types of Red Wine?

I hear many people say they prefer to drink dry wine. One common reason for this is a growing concern with excess sugars in our diet. Other consumers feel that sweet wines are less “serious” and prefer to be associated with a taste for dry varieties. But the search for the least bitter red wine … Read more

Chardonnay vs Chablis – What is the difference between the two?

There is a lot of confusion in the wine world about Chablis. In contrast, people tend to have strong feelings about Chardonnay. Regardless of which side of the chardonnay vs chablis issue you find yourself, Chardonnay is the prized grape of Chablis. What is the Debate? Have you ever heard people talk about how much … Read more