ChoiceWineries.com was founded in 2021, and maintains a mission to provide trustworthy resources that enable readers to discover and experience all the brilliance and breadth that the US wine market has to offer.

We do this through our US winery rankings, wine blog, community newsletter and engagement, as well as various other digital content.

Read on to learn more.

Ranking US Wineries

Our marquee offering: we score and rank the best US wineries to visit.

We do this by gathering and analyzing data on wineries and the wines they produce.

We run this data through our proprietary ranking algorithm. Then, we score and rank each winery. The final result is a simple, ranked list, with a quick overview of the top wineries, by state or region. 

Our goal in ranking wineries is to help our readers easily plan their next winery trip to maximize their experience. 

To learn more about how we gather, rank, and score wineries, click here.

Wine Blog

We blog about a wide variety of wine related topics. We answer common questions, address misconceptions, publish product recommendations, and more.

When we cover more sophisticated or nuanced topics, our wine experts break them down so they’re easy to understand

Community & Email List

We leverage our community of wineries, with whom we’ve established relationships, to source incredible deals on some of the best US wines for our email subscribers to enjoy. We send our community newsletter – which features wine deals, wine news, and our own updates – to our subscribers on a monthly basis.

Learn more about our community and email newsletter here, or sign-up below to discover and experience the brilliance and breadth of US wines with us!


Richard Remick
Owner/Chief Editor

Richard is owner and the chief editor of Choice Wineries. He contributes expert content relating to wine making and winery reviews.

After graduating from the DeVry Institute of Technology, he worked in IT for over 20 years before deciding to escape the office and share his passion for wine.

With a passion for the great outdoors, Richard spends a lot of time in Colorado. There he enjoys skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, cycling, hiking, and of course visiting wineries.

His outdoor adventures are not confined to the continental US. Richard is an avid traveler who flies up to 10 times a year and has visited 18 countries.

Because of his wealth of knowledge and experience, Richard has been invited to contribute articles to many websites, such as Florida Rambler, and has been profiled on travel websites such as JohnnyJet.

Jameson Carr

Jameson is a technology and business strategy professional with over 10 years of data analysis experience. He also enjoys continuously learning about and tasting all sorts of wine. It’s this perspective that inspired him to launch ChoiceWineries.com. He recognized the need for a data-driven, easy, and trustworthy way for consumers to discover the best wineries and wine across the US.

Jameson aspires for ChoiceWineries.com to be a destination for wine lovers and the wine curious alike to discover and develop a deeper appreciation for all that the wine world has to offer, with an emphasis on the US wine market.

Jameson lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, son, and English bulldog.

Katarina Jelks
Content Specialist

katarina jelks

Katarina shares her expert wine knowledge with ChoiceWineries.com readers via her blog posts and articles across the site.

Katarina is a professionally trained sommelier from Hawaii. She received her Wine & Management Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and has worked across the wine industry in locations all around the world (France, Australia, New Zealand, the US & more). She loves sharing her passion with others and helping them to chase their thirst for interesting wine and great food.

Allison Sheardy
Content Specialist

Allison Sheardy

Allison brings a unique perspective to share with ChoiceWIneries.com readers, leveraging her education and experience across the wine industry.

Allison Sheardy came to wine as a second career in 2016 and has truly found her calling. She has created a niche for herself working in unique wine regions around the United States (Texas Hill Country, historic Livermore, CA, & Minnesota), where she specializes in hospitality for boutique, family-owned wineries. Allison is equally passionate about wine education. As such, she has earned her WSET Diploma in Wines and completed the French Wine Scholar program. Allison is currently pursuing her Master of Wine and teaches WSET levels 1-3.

Kevin O’Neill
Contributing Author

Kevin O Neill

Kevin writes blog posts and lends his expertise across various content efforts for ChoiceWineries.com.

Kevin won his WSET (Wine Spirit and Education Trust) level 3 award in 2018, and was a judge in the 2019 New Orleans International Wine Awards. In addition to professional experience developing wine brands, Kevin has managed in excess of $3 million in annual wine and spirits revenue.


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