Best Snacks To Eat With Every Major Style of Wine

Who doesn’t love pouring a glass of wine and enjoying it with a delicious snack? Food and wine pairing can be overwhelming, with all of the options and sometimes conflicting advice from different sources. However, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to simplify the process. is reader-supported. When you buy through the … Read more

What Does Champagne Taste Like? Styles, Flavors, & Sweetness 

According to Dom Perignon, Champagne tastes like “the stars.” The story goes that upon first tasting Champagne, Dom Perignon said, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” In reality, Champagne aromas and flavors vary according to several factors – the producer, the vintage (how ripe the grapes got prior to harvest), the blend, and how … Read more

Is Pinot Grigio Sweet or Dry? Everything You Need to Know

As with all things wine, there is no simple answer. As one of the most popular wines produced and consumed globally, Pinot Grigio comes in many different styles. However, most bottles of Pinot Grigio are made in a light, dry style.  Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris Did you know that Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris … Read more

10 Best Large Capacity Wine Fridges on the Market

A large capacity wine fridge is a necessity for any serious wine collector, frequent entertainer, or anybody who wants to ensure that their wine is always at perfect serving temperature. Wine fridges and coolers are ideal for long term wine storage as they help ensure proper conditions (such as temperature and humidity) for wine to … Read more

Should White Zinfandel Be Chilled? How to Properly Serve & Store

According to Madeline Puckette, White Zinfandel opens the door for wine consumers. It is the first wine that many people are exposed to. White Zinfandel forms the benchmark for our palates to progress to other grapes and wine styles, and it is a behemoth in the marketplace. Serving temperature can make a huge difference to … Read more

Discover the Best Countertop Wine Coolers – Our Expert Reviews

A countertop wine cooler is the perfect accessory for the frequent wine drinker. These handy appliances keep your bottles of wine at the ideal temperature for storage and ready for service. Wine requires a few special considerations…especially for longer term storage. These considerations include a cool, consistent temperature, some humidity, low vibrations, and protection from … Read more

Should Merlot Be Served Chilled? How to Properly Serve & Store

Wine is a living product, which means it has a lifespan. You’ll want to consume most wines within three years of their release. However, the highest quality wines can live for twenty to thirty years. I tasted a Madeira that was produced in 1802, and it tasted young. Curious how to serve and store Merlot … Read more

Easily Calculate How Many Beers Are in a Bottle of Wine

You need to know the alcoholic equivalent of a bottle of wine (in number of beers). Simple. Right? Actually, the answer depends on the alcohol content and size of both the wine and the beer. For a bottle of red wine, an ABV of 13.5% and volume (750 mL) are common. The alcohol content in … Read more

The Best Food Pairings for Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir has proven time and time again what a spectacular wine it truly is. When paired with the right meal, there is a moment when you forget about everything else, and just taste the melding brilliance that makes you naturally say, “Mmm…”. These type of wine and food pairings are like soul mates; it’s … Read more

How to Close a Wine Bottle Without a Cork

There’s nothing like opening a nice bottle of wine and dreaming of that first sip with a relaxed expression, except suddenly…the cork breaks. All wine lovers have been there (and if not, I’d love to meet that person). This is an unfortunate situation if wanting to re-use the cork, but not the end of the … Read more