Easily Calculate How Many Beers Are in a Bottle of Wine

You need to know the alcoholic equivalent of a bottle of wine (in number of beers). Simple. Right? Actually, the answer depends on the alcohol content and size of both the wine and the beer. For a bottle of red wine, an ABV of 13.5% and volume (750 mL) are common. The alcohol content in … Read more

What is a Smooth Red Wine?

Wine has its own language. Learning how to navigate the vocabulary will help you to buy and enjoy more of your favorites. So, what exactly is meant when referring to red wine as smooth? Smooth most commonly refers to the ease to drink, or drinkability of wine. If you’re looking for a wine that is … Read more

Soft vs Acidic Wine

Are you curious what makes a wine “soft” or “acidic”? Maybe you’ve heard a wine you’ve shared with a friend described as one of the two. Or, maybe you’ve described a wine that way…without really understanding if it’s true (don’t worry – you’re among friends here). Well, we’ll help you dial in your understanding of … Read more